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Register & Vote !!

Your Vote Counts button It is your civic duty to vote in local, state, and national elections. If you are not very computer literate, you may find it a formidable and unnerving task, but, it is something that anyone can do. And it starts by getting registered!
 Registration  Here is some helpful voter registration information published by the Fayette County Clerk's office:

  1. ARE YOU REGISTERED? We hope so, because registration for the general election closed on November 6, 2018.

    Not sure if you are registered? Click HERE to verify your registration status. (Note: the last day to register to vote for the general election was Tuesday, October 9, 2018.) If you get a screen that says "Verify Voter Results" with your name and address, political party designation, and other information, you are registered. If you do not get such a display, you are probably not registered. There is a helpful menu on the left side of these Fayette County web pages.
  2. DO YOU NEED TO REGISTER? Go to THIS web page, "Voter Registration FAQ" (Frequently Asked Questions), and go HERE for steps in registering. You may be able to register for the NEXT general election (after 11/6/2018).

 Voting Using eSlate  Fayette County uses eSlate voting machines. Here is a brief (4:42) video that will walk you through the eSlate voting process. And if you still need help, the voting officers at your voting precint site will be happy to give you a hands-on demonstration!

Note: On most laptop and desktop computers, after the video starts, there will be an icon Full Screen Icon in the LOWER RIGHT CORNER of the video screen — click on this to go full screen (the full screen is automatic on the smart phones we've tested — results may vary for tablet devices). The Esc (escape) key returns you to normal view.

 Dates to Remember  Registration for the general election is October 9; the general electon voting date is November 6, 2018. For registration & voting schedule details, click here   (Updated 16:15 6/1/2018)

 Do you need more help? 
  1. The State of Kentucky has an on-line resource that may be helpful. Here is the website: GoVoteKy.com
  2. Go to our "contact" web page, fill out the form (including contact info), and click: Contact Us
  (Updated 15:18 7/10/2018)

We gratefully acknowledge the help of the Fayette County Clerk's office in the establishment of this web page. Thanks !!